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En relativt vanlig fråga om ägg.


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..på tal om äggets farlighet så inte sålänge sedan man kunde läsa i medierna om en kille som dog när han ätit ett stort antal ägg.. hur många det var fråga om kommer jag inte längre ihåg men antar att det inte var de normala tal som vi äter om ;) ..men där var ju inte heller ägg som egentligen var den farliga biten utan skulle säga hans dumma skalle och vadslagning som blev den farliga biten.. i filmen "Rebell i bojor" från 1967.. äter Paul Newman tror 20 ägg på raken också för ett vad men det är ju såklart bara en film ;)

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Äggfrågorna dyker upp var och varannan dag känns det som. Finns det någon möjlighet att ex. klistra någon tråd som sammanfattar detta bra och sedan länka in andra äggsalterade trådar om ägg till denna?


För er (d)äggdjur som blir alldeles uppäggade av det ovala livsmedlet så kanske denna klassiska studie kan vara av intresse:




Det handlar om en 88-årig man som uppenbarligen levt en rätt lång tid av sitt liv enbart ätandes ca 20-30 ägg/dag.


"An 88-year-old man who lived in a retirement community complained only of loneliness since his wife's death. He was an articulate, well-educated elderly man, healthy except for an extremely poor memory without other specific neurologic deficits. He had been given a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and was intermittently depressed. His general health had been excellent, without notable symptoms. He had mild constipation. His weight had been constant at 82 to 86 kg (height, 1.87 m). He had no history (according to the patient and his personal physician of 15 years) of heart disease, stroke, or kidney disease except for an episode of mild chest pain three years earlier. The only objective change at that time was transient depression of the ST segments and T waves in the lateral leads on his electrocardiogram. The patient had been treated for angina and had had no recurrence. There was no history of gallstones or of symptoms of biliary tract disease, but no cholecystography or ultrasound examination had been done recently. His physician's records showed numerous serum cholesterol measurements that ranged from 3.88 to 5.18 mmol per liter (150 to 200 mg per deciliter).

The patient had never smoked and never drank excessively. His father died of unknown causes at the age of 40, and his mother died at 76. One sister died at the age of 82, and another was alive at 86; their plasma lipid values were not available.

The patient's poor memory impaired the accuracy of the dietary history, but his consumption of 20 to 30 eggs a day was verified. Although he could not remember the duration of this eating pattern, his physician attested to its presence for 15 years; a friend, for even longer. He always soft-boiled the eggs and ate them throughout the day. He kept a careful record, egg by egg, of the number ingested each day. The nurse at the retirement home confirmed the daily delivery to him of approximately two dozen eggs. A psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist had characterized this unusual eating habit as compulsive behavior, based on complex psychological factors. Efforts to modify the behavior had been unsuccessful. The patient stated, "Eating these eggs ruins my life, but I can't help it.""

Inget att dräggla åt. Möjligtvis att gnägga åt.

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