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New Year’s poll: Top dieting resolutions feature a low-carb diet

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A poll conducted for a U.S. online magazine shows that among those who resolve to lose weight in the New Year, the top dietary approach for 2019 is going to be the low-carb diet!

The online poll for Insider magazine found that 43% of its respondents said weight loss/eating habits would be their top resolution.

Insider: Popular New Years Health Resolutions

When asked which diet they were likely to follow, the top answers were low-carb (27.7%). Add in the keto diet at 16.9%, and a full 45% of those resolving to diet would be using the lower-carb, higher-fat approach.

Do you need help keeping those resolutions? UK clinical psychologist Dr. Jen Unwin, who leads low-carb groups with her husband, general practitioner Dr. David Unwin, has written a new, terrific guide for Diet Doctor to help trouble-shoot common issues with keeping resolutions on track.

Diet Doctor: New Year’s resolutions: Four steps to get on track and stay there in 2019!

Her steps include connecting to your motivation, celebrating successes, taking small habit-forming steps, and noticing improvements.

She notes that when patients see low carb as a lifestyle, not a diet with an end date, it makes it much easier to keep going even if they have small lapses in keeping to their resolutions. The lesson? Just get right back at it.

Many people find Diet Doctor’s popular two-week keto challenge is a great way to get started with a low-carb way of life. It gives you everything you need to know in daily emails for two weeks — long enough to start seeing and feeling the difference for most people.

Anne Mullens


Diabetes defeated by diet

New study: Keto improves cardiovascular health markers

Virta Health raises $45 million in investment to expand low-carb treatment of type 2 diabetes


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