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Ian SpreadburyHumans: Smart Enough to Create Processed Foods, Daft Enough to Eat Them (2019)

  • "I spend a lot of time thinking about food and health and have a suspicion that we’ve missed a crucial over-arching principle: “food should be alive” – or at least recently so."
  • The question is, if flour and sugar are important agents of chronic disease, how can they do this if carbohydrate from root vegetables and fruit do not? /.../... the only place flour/sugar vs starchy vegetables are properly different is during digestion, when still inside the tube of the gut


Spreadbury menar att bröd är mänsklighetens första processade livsmedel. Här presenterar han en intressant hypotes om tarmflora och processade livsmedel: Refined Foods and The Gut Microbiota – A Toxic Mix? (2016)



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