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Virta har en intressant artikel om sambandet mellan typ 2 diabetes och försämrat utfall vid Covid-19

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Två viktiga citat ur artikeln:

                      " For example, the CDC reported an 11% prevalence of diabetes in those with diagnosed COVID-19.⁶ In this report, the CDC noted that over 40% of people with diabetes and COVID-19 did not require hospitalization, but as with data from China and Italy, the prevalence of diabetes rises to 19% of those admitted to the ICU and constitutes at least 25% of those dying from the viral infection.⁷⁻⁸ So, the current thinking is that individuals with diabetes are not more susceptible to contracting the virus, but once infected have much more severe clinical course and a markedly increased mortality, approaching 20%"



"Fifty years ago, hyperglycemia was identified as a toxin to white blood cells which are the body’s primary defense against infection. Above a glucose of 200 mg/dl, these cells are unable to ingest and destroy invading organisms.⁹ "



Resten av artikeln är också intressant. Men mest en utveckligen av ovanstående... 

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