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D Minder tracks Vitamin D from sun.


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FREE D Minder phone app.


There is a short video here explaining how it works.


Vitamin D Minder | David Paul Meyer


I haven't used one so no idea how useful it is. 

I'm not sure if it factors in Urban atmospheric pollution


It doesn't take the place of regular 25(OH)D testing.

I usually suggest people use the £25 

City Assays Vitamin D Blood Spot Test service from one of our NHS path labs. 


I've now discovered a cheaper source MyVitD personal Vitamin D testing they only charge £24 and also measure calcium levels.

I haven't used them yet but will do so and compare their result with a simultaneous test from my usual source.

I have asked them if they charge extra for international sales and will post back when I have their answer. 


PS Editted video link that was wrong. Still not heard back from the new Vit d testing folks about postal charge to Sweden or elsewhere. 

I've now heard back from the MyVitD test people and they will only post to UK and IRELAND.  The system is somewhat different from that used by CityAssays, The Vit d council and Grassrootshealth as this new test requires not just 4 drops of blood on a sample sheet but a little sample pot that you fill with blood so it takes while to get that amount of drops into the tiny collecting pot. I think maybe they are worried about the time factor with long distance postal tests. Anyway I filled in both the new MyVitD minipot and put 4 drops on the CityAssays sample and sent both off today and will report back when the results arise. 

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