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Ett år utan tillsatt socker


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Intressant artikel.



"They combed packaged foods for other names for sugar, including high fructose corn syrup, crystalline fructose, maple syrup, honey, molasses, evaporated cane juice, as well as artificial sweeteners. They started preparing more foods at home. Each family member was allowed one regular exception that contained a small amount of sugar -- Eve opted for a glass of red wine -- and once a month, the family would have an agreed-upon dessert."


"What kind of physical changes did you notice after eliminating added sugar?

I always feel like I'm disappointing people when I say I didn't lose weight. None of us was looking or needing to. I have two young girls, so I was really mindful to stress how we felt, how things tasted. The last thing I wanted to do was focus on losing weight. We did notice other changes. Our palates changed over time. Things that were sweet began to taste different to us and really repellent by the fall. Things that normally looked very appealing looked obscene and disgusting. We felt healthier, it seemed like we got sick less, like we got better faster or got milder colds. My kids missed significantly less school."




Kul att se en alldeles vanlig familj, normalviktig redan från början. Då kan man fokusera på hälsofördelarna och INTE hamna i det gamla vanliga tjatet om att jaja, men de gick ju ner i vikt och DET är det viktigaste för hälsan. 

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