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Har ni sett det här? 

De två eminenta progframmen som ABC i Australien gjorde om hjärtsjukdom, kolesterol och statiner har blivit nedplockade efter påtryckningar från, ja gissa vilka? (http://www.zoeharcombe.com/2014/05/its-not-about-statins-its-about-censorship/)

"Nothing was upheld against the first programme on dietary fat and yet this has been pulled. For the second programme on cholesterol, I lost count of the judgements that recorded “no breach” of any of the codes – 16 I think. There was 1 breach upheld – and 1 alone. This is on P46 of the 49 page report.

The investigation concluded that in one part of one programme the presentation favoured an anti-statin view more than a pro-statin view. The report did not recommend that the programme be removed from the ABC web site and condemned to the scrap heap. You can see the recommended remedy on p4 of the report “We suggest it would be appropriate for additional material to be made available on the special ‘Heart of the Matter’ program website.” And that’s about it. Yet this programme has also been pulled – ABC have caved in to the pressure placed upon them by statinators. The intention of those who promote statins was no doubt to ensure that a programme like this is never aired, touched or conceived of again. They didn’t want this one to air. Tragically, they have almost certainly achieved their aim."

Jag försöker trösta mig med lite Gandhi:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."


Har ni inte sett dem redan finns de tillgängliga här (åtminstone nr. 2):


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