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Ny bok: The Big Fat Surprise. Smör, kött och grädde är det vi ska äta.

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Den undersökande journalisten NinaTeicholz ger ut bok om varför smör, kött och ost hör hemma i en hälsosam diet. The Big Fat Surprise.


William Davis (WheatBelly / Brödberoende) ställer frågor som hon svara på på hans blog. Länk här:




Jag kopierar in en del av det hon säger om medelhavsdiet och olivolja som är mycket intressant (dock inte helt nytt).


It seems the prevailing thinking on fat is that some fats, like olive oil, are the best for our health. You discovered in your research that the Mediterranean Diet is not what it’s cracked up to be. How did it come to pass that we all worship at the altar of olive oil?
The Mediterranean Diet originated from a survey of the eating habits of long-living Cretan peasants in the 1950s, who seemed to eat very little meat or dairy. However, they were surveyed shortly after WWII, when their economy was in ruins. Also, their diet was sampled during Lent, when animal foods were severely restricted. The data was therefore not any good and never grew any better. In fact, the reason that the Mediterranean Diet became celebrated and famous is that researchers fell in love with the sun-kissed, enchanting Mediterranean—and most of their studies and travel were funded by the olive-oil industry. It’s amazing how researchers, including some of the most respected people in the field today, thrived on the Mediterranean Diet conference junket. The actual science is far from impressive: it can only show that this diet is superior to the failed, low-fat diet (and what diet isn’t?). Tested against a higher fat diet, the Mediterranean regime looks far less impressive for weight loss or heart disease. Also, no one’s ever been able to pinpoint any special, disease-fighting powers of olive oil—which turns out not to be an ancient foodstuff after all but a relatively recent introduction to the Mediterranean diet.

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Börjat läsa denna och den är väldigt bra skriven. Hon har gjort researchat i 9 år inklusive många intervjuer etc och här får man hela historien om vad som hände vid utformningen av de kostrekommendationer som banade väg för den hälsokatastrof som ni föreligger och även ligger till grund för de flersta kostrekommendationer i världen.

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Kan inte låta bli att citera Michael Eades från hans recension av boken "First, it is psychologically demanding on me because I want to write a review so good it inspires everyone to buy the book immediately and read it. Why? Because I think it is one of the most important books on nutrition ever written. Maybe the most important. And I feel a responsibility to inspire as many people as I can to get their hands on it." och "I predict that within a few years, one of two things will have happened as a result of this important book.Either Nina will be burned at the stake. Or we will all be eating our food cooked in lard, butter, beef tallow and duck fat, just as we ate it back in the days before Ancel Keys came on the scene. We’ll eat the way we ate when a case of heart disease was an anomaly.

Buy this book now. You will not be disappointed. Give it to every lipophobe you know who is able to read. It will change many minds."

Och här är hela http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/low-carb-diets/big-fat-surprise/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+drmikenutritionblog+%28The+Blog+of+Michael+R.+Eades%2C+M.D.%29

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