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Tung forskning mot HFCS


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Tackar för intressant notis! (Studien verkar släppas först i mars.)


Från artikeln (min fetning):

"The death rate of females on the fructose-glucose diet were 1.87 times higher than females on the sucrose diet, and they also produced 26.4 percent fewer offspring."


"The team found no differences in male survival, reproduction, or territoriality, and they suspect it’s because both sugars are equally toxic to male mice. According to Potts, female mice undergo a bigger metabolic “energy crunch” during these studies compared to males: On the same day they give birth, they mate and conceive their next litter, which means they’re nursing their first litter while gestating the second."


Slutsatsen (min fetning):

“Our previous work and plenty of other studies have shown that added sugar in general is bad for your health,” University of Utah’s James Ruff says. “So first, reduce added sugar across the board. Then worry about the type of sugar, and decrease consumption of products with high-fructose corn syrup.”

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