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Färre dödsfall med färre läkare...


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A Better Outcome for Humpty Dumpty?



"Harvard researchers looked at 30-day mortality risk of Medicare patients admitted to the hospital between 2002-2011 with a diagnosis of either heart failure or cardiac arrest. What the researchers wanted to explore was the possible correlation between risk of death within the first 30 days following admission compared to whether or not there was a national cardiology meeting going on around the time the admission took place."


"Risk of death when patients were admitted with heart failure was 17.5% when the cardiology meetings were underway versus 24.8% when there was no meeting. Similarly, rates of death from cardiac arrest were 59% if patients were admitted during the time of the meeting, but significantly higher, 69%, if they were admitted to the hospital when no major national cardiology meeting was taking place and presumably cardiologists were more available for patient care."


"In their conclusions the authors stated, “One explanation for these findings is that the intensity of care provided during meeting dates is lower and that for high-risk patients with cardiovascular disease, the harms of this care may unexpectedly outweigh the benefits.”"



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Eligt den här från Chris Kresser är läkarbehandling den tredje största orsaken til dödsfall i USA;



The most shocking revelation of her report is that iatrogentic damage (defined as a state of ill health or adverse effect resulting from medical treatment) is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer.

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