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How Networks Bring Down Experts


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How Networks Bring Down Experts (The Paleo Example)


”Experts don’t like their dogmas to be checked and rechecked, because their expertise gets called into question. And when their expertise is called into question, they might lose funding, cushy jobs, and gravitas. But that’s life in the peer-to-peer age.”


”...when you get an army of networked people — sometimes amateurs — thinking, talking, tinkering and toying with ideas — you can hasten the proverbial paradigm shift. And this is exactly what we’ve seen with practitioners of the paleo and epi-paleo communities with respect to so-called nutrition expertise.”


”The problem of expert opinion is that it can very often be cloistered and restrictive. When science starts to seem like a walled system built around a small group of elites (many of whom are only sharing ideas with each other) — hubris and groupthink can take hold. No amount of education can catch up with an expansive network of people who have a greater stake in finding the truth than shoring up the walls of the guild.”


”In the Republic of Science, there is room for experts. But they are only hubs among nodes in a much larger network. And in this network, leadership is earned not by sitting atop an institutional hierarchy with the plumage of a PhD, but by contributing, experimenting, communicating and learning with the rest of a far bigger hive mind.”




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Så sant. Vissa säger att vi inte ska lita på internet. Jag litar mer på internet än något eftersom det där går att jämföra olika källor, hitta obekväma anonyma åsikter och få feedback och råd från människor som inte har något incitament att ljuga eller frisera sanningen eftersom dom inte har någon relation till mig. Om däremot en hantverkare säger att mitt tak måste bytas eller mitt hus radonsaneras så får jag tyvärr ta i bekatande att denne kan vara oseriös och helt enkelt har en tom kalender.

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