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Tvåfaldig nobelpristagare: Den mesta cancerforskningen är bedrägeri


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REVEALED: The One Thing Cancer Foundations DON’T Want!



"Do charities really want to find a cure for cancer? Not likely, since the top administrators are making multimillion dollar salaries to promote the illusion that they are researching the cure, but in reality, if a cure is found the American Cancer Society will immediately disband. That is not a motivation for finding a cure; instead 80% of the funds collected go to overhead while 20% go to drug intensive research. But cancer is not a drug deficiency, it is a disease generated by a compromised immune system. I hope you enjoy hearing some of the truths shared in this video. I’m not knocking our charities, most of the people who work for them are unaware that the cancer industry has no intention of finding a cure. My focus is to share the knowledge about real cures, but you won’t find them with conventional medicine because ‘Big Business’ is in the way!"


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