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Analys av låttexter kopplat till LCHF


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Åkte tunnelbana i morse och lyssnade på en gammal 80-tals klassiker som kunde härledas direkt till LCHF... Här kommer texten, nånsom vet låten?


Vore kul om andra som hittar låttexter kunde publicera dem här, älskar låttexter och tankar kring dem:


Låten: (avslöjar sen vad det är för låt)


Men jag tolkar det som man kan sjunga så här om "Kolhydrat Livet" man levde förr:




You gave me such a bad time, tried to hurt me but now I know....


.....A bundle of lies, you know that's all that it was worth

I should have known better but I trusted you at first
I should have known better but I got what I deserved


So don't think you know better 'cause that's what you mean to me
I was feeling complicated, I was feeling low
Now everytime I think of you, I shiver to the bone


To run away from you (Run, run, run, run) was all that I could do (Run, run, run, run)
To run away from you (Run, run, run, run)






Lämnade lite för att inte avslöja låten...

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En annan Eurythmics-låt som kan passa:  ;)





Would I lie to you?
Would I lie to you honey?
Now would I say something that wasn't true?
I'm asking you sugar
Would I lie to you?




My friends - know what's in store.
I won't be here anymore.
I've packed my bags
I've cleaned the floor.
Watch me walkin'.
Walkin' out the door.

Tell you straight - no intervention.
To your face - no deception.
You're the biggest fake.
That much is true.
Had all I can take.
Now I'm leaving you



(Hoppas ingen tar illa upp, utan ser glimten i mitt öga. Det är fritt fram för den som vill att låta körerna byta verser.  :) )

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