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Leptin och leptinresistans och bränna fett i st f socker


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Jag har från min läkare på vårdcentralen fått ett brev med följande lydelse:

"Leptin är inte något prov vi tar på vårdcentralen. Jag vet inte om det 
tas inom sjukvården heller, utom i forskningssyfte. Anledningen till 
att vi inte tar detta hormonprov här är att det knappast skulle tjäna 
något syfte (utom möjligen ur nyfikenhetsstillande synpunkt). 
Behandling av t.ex. övervikt och diabetes ändras inte beroende på 
svaret på ett sådant prov."
Rosedale, Ron; Colman, Carol (2009-10-13). The Rosedale Diet (pp. 166-167). William Morrow Paperbacks. Kindle Edition. 
står det under rubriken 'Leptin':
"The most reliable test for monitoring leptin levels is the 
radioimmunoassay (RIA), which utilizes an antibody that responds to 
leptin in a fasting blood sample. This test will tell you whether or 
not you have leptin resistance. If your level is in a healthy range— 
the optimal fasting leptin level is between 4 and 6 ng/ dL and up to 9 
ng/ dL is acceptable— your cells are sensitive to leptin’s signals. 
You are a fat burner as nature intended you to be, and it is unlikely 
that you will have a weight problem. (If you lower your leptin levels 
to optimal levels, as you most certainly will on the Rosedale Diet, it 
is highly unlikely that you will continue to have a weight problem 
even if you started out with one.) Of course, we don’t want leptin 
levels to go too low. Anything below –4 ng/ dL is a sign of either 
malnutrition, usually accompanied by very low body fat, or a genetic 
inability to produce leptin that results in obesity. (If a woman’s 
leptin level falls below 3, generally caused by very low stores of 
body fat due to inadequate food intake or intensive exercise, she will 
stop menstruating.) If your fasting leptin level is 10 ng/ dL or 
higher, you will most certainly benefit from the leptin-sensitizing 
program outlined in this book. Most obese people have extremely 
elevated leptin levels: 20, 30, even 40 ng/ dL! Yet within only two to 
three weeks on the Rosedale Diet, almost everyone experiences a 
dramatic decline in leptin levels. At the same time, they eat less 
because they do not feel hungry as often as they used to. They no 
longer experience food cravings and have little difficulty following 
the diet. If your leptin level doesn’t fall as quickly as it should 
(younger people often have quicker results than older people), you 
need to be especially careful about following the diet and perhaps add 
extra nutritional supplements. But if you follow the program, I 
promise that your leptin sensitivity will improve and your fasting 
leptin level will fall. Leptin: 4 to 6 ng/ dL optimal; up to 9 ng/ dL 
acceptable; 10 + ng/ dL high."
Vad skall jag tro? Hjälp!!!


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